Web Clipper

Keep track of bookmarks, notes, and things to-do

Install Web Clipper
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To-dos from Gmail and other apps

Organize tasks from Gmail, Zendesk, Jira, GitHub into one list. Get a unified 'done' list by the end of the day.

Bookmarks and notes for study and research

Don't drown in online material. Collect, annotate and organize links into lists, and keep focus.

Search, tag, and set due dates

Add tags, due dates, and assign tasks to your team mates. Create sub-tasks or notes.

Share, publish, track progress

Organize bookmarks and notes into lists. Share lists with your team or publish online.

Easy to use

  1. Add Web Clipper to your browser
  2. Open Gmail integration an email, a web page, or a support ticket
  3. Alt-Shift-c or click bookmarklet icon in the toolbar
  4. Add tags, due dates or sub-tasks, if needed
  5. Select a target destination, if needed
  6. Ctrl-Enter to send or
  7. Ctrl-Shift-Enter to send and open the list

Unlimited and free

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If you're a writer doing research on the Internet, do yourself a favor by using this Web Clipper. You'll love it! —Sunny Lee, Nonfiction writer