Your lists on the go: offline or online, on any device with decent HTML5 support

How to use

  1. Open https://m.checkvist.com on your mobile device (without logging-in)
  2. Save it to 'Home screen' (so you don't have to open the browser the next time)
  3. Open the app from the home screen
  4. Log in with your Checkvist credentials
  5. See all your lists syncing
  6. Work offline or online, the app will sync all data when online and update to the latest version automatically

Tested on

The new mobile app is tested on iOS and Android platforms, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

We need your help!

Mobile Checkvist app is a work in progress. We are adding new features and fixing issues all the time. If you have a question or notice a bug—please join the discussion on the community pages. Or report the problem directly to our uservoice tracker.