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Writing about productivity, task management or list-making? Let's talk about the tool designed for keyboard.

Quick facts about Checkvist

Pioneers in keyboard-driven web apps

10 years of faultless service

Robust, stable, 99% uptime

Bootstrapped, built by 2 people

Organic growth by the word of mouth

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Why list-making?

Lists are a universal and practical way to create order out of chaos. They've been used for centuries, to 'make infinity comprehensible' as Umberto Eco puts it.

The first step in working on a big ambitious project is to chop it down into small, doable chunks. In other words, create a list.

Checkvist is a universal list-making tool for all types of projects and goals. But it has a unique interaction model. It's keyboard-driven.

Keyboard-driven - what do you mean?

There are software products optimized for gestures and mobile devices, or voice input. Checkvist's superpowers lie in the keyboard-centric design. You can write down, edit, structure and re-structure lists from the keyboard, without touching the mouse.

For most software products, keyboard support comes as an afterthought. Was it Ctrl-Alt-something or Shift-Command-something? In Checkvist, we use mainly two-letter acronyms for actions. Like dd for due date, ll for lists, or pc for progress counter. How is it possible?

Checkvist has two modes—

  1. When you write, you can use smart syntax to add due dates, tags, other attributes or text formatting.
  2. After you've done writing, in the 'command' mode, you select list items and use keyboard shortcuts to apply actions.

Somewhat uncommon in online apps, this two-mode work gives you extreme flexibility, efficiency, and focus. You can work for hours without touching the mouse.

Besides, Checkvist has a universal Command Finder, a feature inspired by our favourite IDE. Press Shift twice to find and apply a command, anywhere, for the right context.

It can be a bit hard to explain with words, but if your work is thinking, typing, and re-organizing what you've typed - try Checkvist. You'll be surprised.

Who we are

We are a tiny company with a great love for creating digital products. We are also a couple, with the work-life balance of 'working on our own products' and 'working on other software'.

Nothing comes close to building a product and releasing it for other people to use. That's the best drug and we are addicted to it.

What's next

We started a decade ago, and it feels like we've only scratched the surface. Checkvist helps to jot down information, to re-organize it quickly, to share it with teams and readers.

But how can we help with information overload - with artificial intelligence? Can we help organize knowledge with different types of connections? Can we present structured data differently, depending on the context?

Checkvist has started as an experiment and it will go on till we can hold the keyboards.

Talking about us

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Talking about us