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Keyboard-driven list making

Maximum efficiency and control over tasks, outlines, to-dos, writing, and planning

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Have too much to do? Create a list.

Hierarchical lists help you organize ideas, notes, and tasks into groups.

Add tags, due dates, priorities, attachments, and you have flexible solutions for many jobs. From task management and software release planning to research, teaching, and writing—Checkvist can handle it all.

Work from the keyboard and get your stuff done in the most efficient, fast, and focused way.

Endless hierarchy

On-the-fly navigation and filtering
Outstanding keyboard support


Minimal, text-based interface
Dark theme and distraction-free mode

Zen and dark mode

Because you need to focus
Shared and private lists

Shared or private

Publish lists publicly, privately, assign tasks, track progress
Open API, import, export, integrations

Open and flexible

Import, export, integrate. No vendor lock-in
Use Github-flavoured Markdown for tables, images, code, and text formatting


Rich formatting for lists with images, tables, or code

Packed with features,
ready for any job

Plan a project release

Use priorities, tags, and due dates to organize the whole team's work, from ideation to production.

Publish checklists and instructions

Want to make instructions clear? Create a checklist. Share privately, publicly, password-protected, time-restricted, and follow the progress.

Collect and organize research materials

Collect data with browser extensions. Structure notes and fill in the gaps — add headings, formatting, files, and illustrations. Export, share or publish online.

Log your work and communicate with clients

Structure your tasks, calculate the time spent, add notes, or attach files. Use email integration and browser plugins when necessary.

Organize results of a brainstorming session

A pile of sticky notes is not an actionable result. Turn a brainstorming session into a story plot, a project plan, or a task list for the whole team.
Write a book with Checkvist
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Tasks and priorities are always changing. Checkvist makes this SO simple

Jim Leff
Checkvist is an elegant, lovingly-programmed, fun-touse dream of a solution if you need collaborative outlining. Nothing else comes close. Iʼm a big fan of OmniOutliner, and this is just as good (maybe better!), and works for groups. My large team built an ambitious project with CheckVist, and it never let us down (nor did the highly-responsive developer).
Hadi Hariri
developer and speaker, JetBrains
Love Such an awesome organiser.
Charles Heckscher
Distinguished Professor, Rutgers School of Management, Rutgers University
It's extremely useful for research, both gathering notes and outlining documents. What makes it great is that I can easily reconfigure notes as new ideas develop -- build new categories and regroup thoughts.
Igor Sereda
ALMworks Founder and CEO
We needed a tool to maintain a complex software release procedure. Checkvist nailed it perfectly, with a clean and simple UI.
Vanessa Kapper Gomes
School teacher
Checkvist is just perfect: I can quickly identify the various projects that I have, I can quickly insert new data and, most importantly, I can show the progress of my projects for the parents and school board at any time!
John Bales
UX consultant and writer
I keep smiling every time I try something and it works the way I think it should.