People love outlining

  •     Love Such an awesome organiser.
  • I'm using Checkvist to collaborate with my consulting clients. And they love it!  
  •   We needed a tool to maintain a complex software release procedure. Checkvist nailed it perfectly, with a clean and simple UI.
  • I keep smiling every time I try something and it works the way I think it should.  
  •   Checkvist is just perfect: I can quickly identify the various projects that I have, I can quickly insert new data and, most importantly, I can show the progress of my projects for the parents and school board at any time!
    — Vanessa Kapper Gomes, School teacher
  • What struck me is just how damn fun and easy it is to do a brain dump in list format without ever taking your hands off the keyboard.  
  •   Checkvist is a fast, mature, polished outliner with innovative keyboard shortcuts. Where most outliners (and applications in general) use Ctrl-key combinations, Checkvist uses Vim-like keystroke sequences.

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